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Second dress, this time in the right size

Posted: Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 @ 9:45 pm in FO, Sewing | 2 Comments »

I couldn’t resist. This morning I started a second Popover sundress, this time in size 6. :-) It was quick, now that the pattern was all printed and cut. Didn’t make any of the mistakes I made on the first one either, so the straps are the right length… And following DH’s suggestion, I added […]

I’m in a book !!

Posted: Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 @ 4:15 pm in chezPlum Patterns, FO, Published, Sewing | No Comments »

This is kind of old news, but 1,000 Fabulous Knit Hats by Annie Modesitt is now apparently available for purchase, even in brick and mortars stores !!! I haven’t received my contributor copy yet, but you should see my Altay hat in it, along with the instructions to make your own. Also, there should be […]

Birthday skirt and Ermeline for Plume

Posted: Saturday, April 10th, 2010 @ 3:21 pm in chezPlum Patterns, Crochet, Family, FO, Sewing | 1 Comment »

Plume was invited to one of her friend’s birthday this afternoon. I had an idea to make a little funky skirt, but as usual waited until the last day to actually make it. :-) This morning was quiet, so I sewed and got Plume to help me. We made a skirt, and matching headband, which […]

FO: Armel Ermeline hooded cardi !

Posted: Monday, March 22nd, 2010 @ 3:39 pm in chezPlum Patterns, Crochet, FO | 1 Comment »

It didn’t show, but the hooded cardi still needed its second sleeve, and redo wrist #1 (slightly tight). Don’t ask why it took so long, but I finally redid the wrist, crocheted sleeve #2, and found a satisfying closure: Ta da, it’s finished !!! :-D Nell wore it on sunday, and it’s just so cute. […]

Happy New Year, hats and snow

Posted: Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 @ 9:47 pm in chezPlum Patterns, Crochet, Family, FO | No Comments »

Happy New Year ! I hope 2010 will be a very crafty and successful year for each of you, full of laughter and happiness ! :-) I realise I’m not posting half as often as I used to before we moved here. My computer used to be located in the living room, and I’d be […]

New pattern: Mama and baby Octopus “Poulpy” hat

Posted: Saturday, November 14th, 2009 @ 6:32 pm in chezPlum Patterns, Crochet, FO, pattern testers | 1 Comment »

Our friend Fabrice is a bit crazy, and we’ve been calling him “Poulpy” (poulpe= octopus in french) ever since he wore a dead octopus on his head during a costumed party. So about 2 years ago when he invited us for his birthday, I knew I had to make him something special, and thought of […]

Another baby Altay, to match blankie

Posted: Saturday, November 7th, 2009 @ 6:04 pm in chezPlum Patterns, Crochet, FO | 2 Comments »

The baby blankie for my baby’s cousin is finished, except for those darn ends to weave in.. :-P I wanted to make a little extra present “from me” to my cousin, as the blanket is a request from my grandmother. So I made another baby Altay hat with some of the leftover yarn. Of course […]

Baby Altay

Posted: Friday, October 30th, 2009 @ 12:26 pm in chezPlum Patterns, Crochet, Family, FO | 2 Comments »

Sometimes I’m amazed that despite all the testing and people using my patterns, some typos will show up long after the publication of a pattern. :-/ We were away for a couple days visiting my in-laws, and I visited their local thrifstore. Found great stuff there, and a few cute skeins of yarn. Including this […]

Elf slippers galore !

Posted: Sunday, October 18th, 2009 @ 2:32 pm in Crochet, Family, FO | 4 Comments »

Prune’s new slippers have been finished for a while, but I only added soles yesterday night. They’re kind of foam soles, and I’m not sure they’ll last long. But at least they’re anti-slippery so that prune doesn’t fall every step she makes ;-) Of course Maud asked for a pair too, which I made so […]

Holidays, errata and a knitted FO !

Posted: Saturday, July 25th, 2009 @ 9:53 pm in chezPlum Patterns, Errata, Family, FO, Knitting | 1 Comment »

First I wanted to say Hi to all the people coming from Craftzine ! I hope you’ll enjoy the Headband pattern :-D A series of mistakes has been brought to my attention in the XL size of the Violaine top. Oops, sorry about that, I thought I had double-checked all the numbers but I guess […]

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