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Ermeline hooded cardigan, crocheted by Julie, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey Ermeline hooded cardigan, crocheted by Julie, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey
Julie sent those pictures of her crocheted Ermeline hooded cardigan:
Hi, bonjour, I bought your sweater pattern to make sweaters for my triplets and I just thought I would share it with u. It was fairly easy to follow. I did make some few changes to the pattern just to make it make the hat a little longe and I added thumb holes for the sleeves, but the base was from the purchased pattern bought off your etsy page. Hope you appreciate the results and thank you for your detailed pattern. I look forward to seeing more ideas in the future. Julie, Ontario, canada

PadCl-Etsy made using sewing pattern by Sylvie Damey
Cl. made here very first washable pad using my sanitary pads sewing pattern : “Hello, I just made my first washable pad from your pattern. Very chuffed. The fabric is the remains of some that i used for my eldest child, to make a babygro – when she was 7 months old. she’s now 19 years old. Thanks

Ermeline hooded cardigan, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey, made by Barjolaine Ermeline hooded cardigan, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey, made by Barjolaine Ermeline hooded cardigan, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey, made by Barjolaine Ermeline hooded cardigan, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey, made by Barjolaine
Barjolaine whipped this Ermeline kids hooded cardigan in 2 days. It’s made in icelandic Lett Lopi yarn in super pretty pink and green shades, purchased as a kit with the Ermeline pattern (french or english) and yarn. She said “des explications tip top de la crāŠatrice! J’avoue que j’āŠtais trā¨s motivāŠe et que je l’ai crochetāŠ trā¨s vite ce joli manteau rose.

Jehanne hooded cardigan, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey, made by l'aiguille āŠtourdie Jehanne hooded cardigan, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey, made by l'aiguille āŠtourdie Jehanne hooded cardigan, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey, made by l'aiguille āŠtourdie
L’aiguille āŠtourdie made the adult version, the Jehanne cardigan, in colors that say “Spring” allover, with daisies to cover up the granny triangles …

Ermeline hooded cardigan, pattern by Sylvie Damey, crocheted by Triscote Ermeline hooded cardigan, pattern by Sylvie Damey, crocheted by Triscote Ermeline hooded cardigan, pattern by Sylvie Damey, crocheted by Triscote Christine, owner of the french Icelandic-yarn-store Triscote crocheted this Ermeline to try how the Lett Lopi worked out when crocheted. She loves the outcome… and the pattern too, saying that instructions were very easy and clear, with lots of step by step pictures : “je me suis rāŠgalāŠe, je nâ??ai pas une grosse expāŠrience au crochet, les explications sont claire avec plein de photos pour nous guider”.

Roselette top, pattern by Sylvie Damey, crocheted by JulieSuitSonFil
Julie made a pretty Roselette for her 8 yo niece, changing the bottom lacy section to “make it look more like a t-shirt” :“Jâ??ai suivi le modā¨le pour les mesures, mais je nâ??ai pas souhaitāŠ faire le motif en dentelle pour lui donner un cā´tāŠ plus â??tee shirtâ?. And she’s already started a 2nd one too ! :-)

Dancing poppies baby bolero, crocheted by Marjoleinf Dancing poppies baby bolero, crocheted by Marjoleinf  Dancing poppies baby bolero, crocheted by Marjoleinf Here is the Dancing poppies baby bolero made by Marjoleinf: “My little girl loves it so much! I made the 2yo version since she is 2 years and 3 months old.”

Dancing poppies baby bolero, crocheted by Confiturealamure Confituralamure chose purple Alpaca yarn for her Dancing poppies bolero .

Dancing poppies baby bolero, crocheted by DesiLoopbySSK Here is the Dancing poppies baby bolero made by DesiLoopBySSK.

Ermeline by Jessica Hienhuis Ermeline by Jessica Hienhuis Ermeline by Jessica Hienhuis Ermeline crocheted by Jessica Hienhuis
Jessica Hienhuis made this cute Ermeline hooded cardigan.

Ermeline hooded cardigan, crochet pattern by ChezPlum Ermeline hooded cardigan, Jody Fenton Photography Lynn made 3 (and counting) Ermeline hooded cardigans: “Just wanted to send you a couple of photos of the sweater/jackets I made for all of my grandchildren this past Christmasâ?ĻLOVE THEM!! They just wore them on a trip up to Vermont and got so many compliments on them everywhere they went. The one photo attached is of my granddaughter doing the â??Sound of Musicâ? swirl on top of the hill at the VonTrapp Home in VT. You probably noticed that I added quite a bit to the length of your hoods because our family loves the elf/goblin very long type hood. I also just adapted your pattern to make one in an infant size as a baby gift. Canâ??t wait to see if they love it as much as we do! Thanks so much for your wonderful pattern. It was very easy to follow and worked up beautifully! Thanks again SO much!”

BabouchesTerryHoskinsonDufner TerryBabouchesPurpleTerry made those cute Babouches: “.I love the pattern and am now working on my 3rd pair :)”

Baby altay hat, crocheted by AgnijaAgnija added tassels to her cute Baby altay hat.

VanessaFFinally, a pretty Roselette top made by Vanessa F., who says :
“I love the Roselette pattern so much, ( which is why I need to make one for myself!!) I have modified it at little for my little boy to wear, it turned out really well. I used a combination of homespun alpaca & an alpaca & merino blend.”

uta2 fumiko2 Fumiko sent me those pics of the Roselette she made for her niece in Japan: “This is really a nice and still refined pattern”.

jettepoulpy1 My friend Jette tested the new Poulpy hat, and I love hers, made with malabrigo but in softer colors. She left the ends of the tentacles dangling, ain’t they cute ?!!

Octo 1 Marsha also generously helped with the testing of the Poulpy hat and I love what she said about it: “This was s super fun hat to work on and when I get a chance I will be making several more. You see with being HUGE hockey fans we are also octopus fans…..they will all have to have mama octopi on them though because the Detroit Redwings were one of the original 8 teams in the NHL and the octpus is a big symbol of that.” So cool ! :-)

SrividyaPoulpy1 First Poulpy hat out there, made by Srividya who again helped with the testing ! :-)

Suzette made those super pretty Granny mitts and said “I really enjoyed your pattern. It’s fun and easy to follow. Well, I did find the thumb part a bit tricky at first but I finally figured it out. As you can see, I also decided to put a scalloped edging at the bottom of the cuffs.

More beautiful Roselettes, from Siena who said “I seldom make more than one before I move on to new challenges, but this pattern I know I will use a lot – I love it! Easy, fast and no seaming. And it fits very well, my daughter loves it too.

Srividya helped me with the testing of the Last minute Butterfly headband, and made hers with acrylic yarn from India.

Liza was so kind and helped me test the new instructions for the size 6 of the Roselette, and shared those pics of the sweater modelled by both her daughters.

Holly crocheted this second and amazingly cute Roselettes. I’m in love with those pink and lettuce colors, and her daughter is so precious !

Holly‘s first Roselette “blocked out to quite a bit larger than I was expecting, but that just means my daughter will be able to wear it longer. Looks great! I love this pattern.

Carol is “currently finishing my third of the adult version and just love your patterns. Nice and easy to work and to follow and look so good finished. Can’t wait for the larger sizes since I can’t seem to work enough of these. (Picture is of the first adult one I made.)“.

Kimiko very kindly sent those pics of her very pretty Granny mitts: “I used undyed EcoWool for them – they are my favorite!!! Joyful regards, and thanks again for the fantastic pattern!

Sara sent me pics of her “wintery” Roselette “loved the pattern, so easy and quick, with great results. I got nervous about the size since I wanted to make it for my 6 yr old who is a size 6-8, so added some rows to the bodice which afterwards I realized was maybe unneccessary, oh well it still looks great(..) the trim is something like fun fur crocheted together with another strand of white yarn, producing a very dressy wintery look.

Sylvana helped me testing the pattern for the Altay hat and made 2, using both the worsted weight and bulky instructions !! She said “at first I was going to try one, but then I decided that as it was such a interesting construction why not try the second version

Then Tonomi (aka Tomtom on Ravelry) also made the Dancing Poppies scarf !! She says : “What a great pattern! I really really love your design(^.^)“.

Tonomi (aka Tomtom on Ravelry) first made this pretty Dancing Poppies scarflette.

More Vroomies ! This lady crocheted the car and van as Xmas presents for her grandson. Love the photo too !

Valeska helped with the testing of the larger sizes of the Violaine top and said “Itâ??s a beautiful design and I canâ??t wait to wear it! Thanks for letting me test it!”

Vera did a beautiful job with her Violaine in size M. She said “I enjoyed the pattern and will probably make another one sometime. I wore it out and got lots of compliments. It’s a cute paten, and I like to make things that generate more interest for crochet.”

Look at this cute Roselette top, made in only one day by akwardgrl ! I love her comment :“What a gorgeous pattern to use on bright eyed little ladies, and fellas too. Simple, but not simple looking. I’m making a zillion more!”

Here’s Sylvana modelling her Violaine top in size S.

My second Violaine top in Noro Kureyon, this time in size S.

Here is Mikki‘s super cute Disco beret, made with 2 tones of Kureyon. She says “I finished the hat in one day. I love how the concentric circles are made very prominent and admire the simple geometry that the contrasting colors create. You also introduced me to the pleasures of Noro Kureyon and I must say that I am in love! “

Sara just finished a Banjo bag !! Now she plans on making a second one in Noro Silk Garden ! Read about it on her blog..

A cute Roselette made with Noro Silk Garden by M. who blogged about it here. She says “I am going to make another this week with either another Silk Garden or (and?) with Kureyon 209”

Look at Jette‘s purse ! Jette is part of our local SnB group, and last thursday she showed me this new project she had just started, saying “look, that’s from a pattern I found on the internet..”. It took me a few seconds to realise… “hey wait, this is an Isabeau purse !!” ;-) She has just finished it, and you can visit her brand new blog here (it’s in french, you’ll be warned).

After sharing her beautiful Roselette, here’s Silver’s banjo bag ! She won the first place in our Gallery contest !

Maylin‘s second pair of Cactus mittenettes, in Colinette Prism (mardi gras).

Eden‘s Isabeau purse. She says: “It was my first try at any kind of lace knitting; it was so irresistible, I had to try it. The yarn is a bulky cashmere blend in teal. My four year old has taken over the bag and I’m about to CO one for myself.”

Maylin‘s first pair of Cactus mittenettes, in orange mohair yarn.

I love Lauren‘s black Isabeau purse. “I really love the bag and ended up knitting a little credit card holder to match.”

Here is Ajour‘s Roselette top for her daughter, made with Katia Jamaica cotton yarn.

Elena‘s cute Isabeau purse. “I recently just started knitting and my first ever knitting project was the Isabeau Purse!! It’s not great – as you can see but I really like it!! It took me 6 days to make this.”

Shelly’s pretty Isabeau purses. She said “I can’t remember a time when BOTH of my daughters were fighting over something I made. Thank you for designing such a wonderful purse!!!”

Tanya’s red Isabeau purse.

Kathy‘s cute Isabeau purse. She says: “I decided to use mine to carry around a dishcloth kit. It perfectly holds a skein of cotton, a pair of small scissors, a crochet hook for tucking in ends, a pair of circular needles (my preference) the pattern page and room for the cloth as it knits up. Hence… Dishcloth on the go bag. I may make these as gifts to hand out as prizes when I have my blog contests. Thanks for sharing the pattern.”

Stitchpath‘s Isabeau purse.

Wow, I love both that doll and Roselette made by the talented (but blogless) Silver. She made it a little bit longer to use as a dress and plans to make a second one: Can’t wait for more.. :-)

Iner from the Netherlands just sent this new Vroomie pic, saying “Your Vroomie pattern is great! My Vroomie turned out pretty cool! I made it for my little nephew. Hope he likes it!”. Well I bet he will, love those colours ! :-)

Melissa tested the “Dancing Poppies” pattern and actually made both the scarf AND scarflette… Wow !!

A super cute Vroomie, made by CraftyCarolina as one of her first Xmas gifts.. :-D

I love that Loooong strap Salihan added to her purse She said :“I wanted a bag for when I do my grocery shopping so that I have both hands free and I don’t have to leave a cumbersome bigger bag on the trolley. It’s the perfect size and I’m using it everywhere I go at the moment!” Pretty smart if you ask me !! :-D

Elsebeth has just added those pics of her gorgeous Lacanaus on Ravelry.. I love the longer straps. She says she “wore the silver ones on the beach in Antigua on my honeymoon :-)” How cool is that ?!!! Thanks again Elsebeth !!

Tina, aka Knitting Contessa, made those and said “The pattern was wonderful I really enjoyed making them. My partner is a professional photographer and she will get wonderful use of them—- I might even be tempted to make another pair in another color! I was knitting the EZ Pi Shawl at the time of the mittenettes cast on and it was such a lovely relief to have such a fun and fast project.” :-D

And here’s Bryony‘s Plumetis Cardi. She says “It is the perfect summer cardi, It fits well, and the pattern allows for your own extra shaping if you need it, but the ribbing pulls the garment in under the bust so makes it really versatile. Yum :)” Thanks Bry !! :-D

Look at Angel‘s beautiful (and Oh so flattering) Plumetis Cardi. She made a size XS .. and a few mods : Read about it on her blog !

Look at this cute little Vroomie spotted on CrochetVille, made for a “cars and truck themed babyshower, great idea !!

Sylvana‘s test knit for the Plumetis Cardi. Doesn’t she look stunning in it ?!

All classy in white, Fait avec Amour‘s Felicie Choker, slanted lace and Anemone flower.

Daniella ‘s purse ! “Thank you so much for the free pattern on your website, this pattern gave me the confidence to try other lace projects! Itâ??s a great pattern and worked up super quick. It only took me a day to complete.” Thanks to you ! :-D

“Yarnhag” on Crafster supersized the Isabeau Purse and she did such a great job !! I’m loving that it still looks so much like the purse and yet is the size of the Tote..!! Read about her mods in her post in the Isabeau Purse Knitalong on Crafster !

Kristen made this Isabeau purse “for my best friend, for her birthday. I chose to use a variegated yarn instead of a solid color.” Cute !

This is the beautiful shrug Heidi at Sunflowerknits made last summer. Unfortunately it ended up too small (due to gauge issues), read what she said about it here and there

Yay for Orange !! Jenn at Peekabootique knit this very cute Isabeau purse. She also draws very cute cards, and lookee !! An Isabeau purse card !! :-D

Doreen‘s lovely Tote with PVC handles. Looks so great and professional !!

Sara made a second (larger) pair of Lacanaus for her step dad. Don’t you love the snowflakes slipper grips ?!

Crystal has just finished her (first ?) pair of Cactus Mittenettes in worsted Plymouth Galway and says “I love this pattern, and these gloves! They are SO EASY. SO QUICK. SO CUTE.”

Yipee, a Vroomie pic !! Melissa tested the pattern for “Carrie the Car” for us and look how cute it came out : ” I got gauge with the Caron Simply Soft, though the pattern calls for a cotton-blend yarn. I used what I had, and it worked out PERfectly.”

Sonia‘s Lacanaus: “Made them with Knitpicks andean silk in chocolate and lettuce. I had to go up to size 5.5 mm needles! Thanks again for this clever and elegant pattern.”

Rosann also chose the slanted lace choker and Anemone flower. She said :“I had a lot of fun knitting the lovely Felicie Choker you designed! :) I did about 5 or so less rows than in the pattern, though, to make it less tall for my neck. Merci!”

Emmie made this beautiful Felicie choker for her roommate’s birthday! She made the slanted lace choker, with Anemone flower. Look at what she says on it there.

Brooke has just finished her Isabeau tote and she sent us that beautiful pic ! Head over to her blog for more pics and details !

For her Lacanaus, Sara knit duplicate soles using the sole instructions, minus the heel flap. She said : “I’d just like to let you know how much I love that pattern. :o I’m already planning some more pairs for myself and friends in various colours, and I’m even trying to figure out how to resize it for a man’s foot. My step-father can’t wear regular slippers because they’re always too hot, but Lacanau would be perfect!”

Sandra‘s āŧber cute purse, look at the button she used !! She said :“I thought Iâ??d give it a try before tackling the handbag. I made it with Patons Classic Merino Wool, which is unfortunately a bit stretchy and floppy but I think it came out cute anyhow! “

Wendy made this purse with some leftover Kool-Aid Dyed Wool of the Andes, and used a magnetic snap for closure !

Illy‘s Lacanau sandals, slightly modified ( she started the tops as the bottoms to make them in one piece)

Emmie knit this Isabeau handbag with 3 skeins of Gedifra Wellness in Olive.

Zazie knit this cute little purse, I looove the button she chose ! (as usual, click for larger pic!)

Sheryl made her Isabeau shrug with rayon yarn as her Olympic project !

Anushka used red Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for her purse. She says : “It was such a great pattern (…) a great incentive to learn so many more skills!”

Emmie‘s isabeau purse, made with Cascade 220 in Como Blue 9420, lined with pink satin/caramel colored old movie print fabric. She plans on making the tote too.. once she’s done with the knitting Olympics ! ;-)

Here’s the original Isabeau shrug sported by its intended recipient, my friend Rachel.. I also designed the purse especially for her… :-P

Dancingbarefoot made this cool purse and says: “I love this pattern, and so did the recipient. Thanks!”

Here is Christine‘s Isabeau shrug. She made the M-L size, with slightly shorter sleeves.

Yahaira made this lovely Isabeau purse, and was cheeky enough to shoot it…with plums !!

Yahaira also made the Isabeau shrug with the same yarn (DB cashmerino aran if I remember well?), in size S.

Kathleen‘s orange Isabeau purse.

Lumpui‘s lavender Isabeau purse.

Britt‘s Isabeau purse, with a ribbon strap ! Here’s what she said: “thanks so much for this free pattern, it’s beautiful and easy, and I think I did pretty well for my first attempt at lace knitting!”

Karen‘s made this Isabeau purse, and she said “I just finished my purse last night and it’s so cute! I consider myself a beginning knitter who has a very hard time following any directions that are not EXTREMELY clear, but I had no problem with this pattern! (What I’m trying to say here is that it was very clear and well written! Thank you for the great pattern!) “

See also the sub-galleries for each pattern:
The Altay hat, the Banjo Bag, the Cactus Mittenettes, the Dancing poppies , the Disco beret, the Felicie chokers, the Granny mitts, the Isabeau Purse , the Isabeau Tote, the Isabeau shrug, the Lacanau sandals, the Mama and baby Octopus “Poulpy” hat, the Plumetis Cardi, the Roselette top, the Violaine top and the Vroomies - patterns design - © Sylvie Damey

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