WIP wednesday, and testing !

Bulky flower cardigan now has buttons… large enameled coconut shell buttons !! Took a moment to photograph this sleeveless version, and will now continue to add sleeves.
Only downside being that I should have remembered: Filz = felt in german/related nordic languages if I’m not mistaken… Which explains how this “Filzy wool” is not really made for non-felting projects. Oh well. It was so pretty I couldn’t resist… and I’m already planning more with more durable yarns.

Meanwhile, progress was also made on the adult version of the “Lutin Marguerite“: testing phase of the pattern has now started !
(& you’re welcome to join us if you’d like. It’s happening on Ravelry)

When a girl gets bored crocheting a new design that’s already 99% written down (adult version of the Lutin Marguerite), what does she do ? Get started on a new one of course !

To be fair, I was doing a pretty good job plugging at it despite the boredom and lack of designing-challenge, getting all the way to the bust decreases…

Till I got this email asking if there was an adult-sized version of the doll’s Marguerite Chéries. And suddenly realised that those pretty balls of super bulky “Filzy yarn” from Ice yarns (ahem, forgot about the 100g balls when ordering, thinking it’d come out worsted at 100 m per ball) could totally work for this design which has been sitting in my head for months and months now, just waiting for the right yarn !!

So on sunday I suddenly got started on it. Chained for the foundation chain and measured around my neck… Worked my usual increases, made calculations for the floral yoke and rythm of increases…

But despite the fact that such bulky yarn could mean finishing a cardigan in a day,
my trial-and-error process ( = *crochet, try on, rip, restart *, repeat from * to *) AND tendency to screw up all my calculations today means that I’ve frogged this thing way too many times to keep track of.

Worked all day on it again yesterday and Tadam, finally it fits perfectly.

Now I can continue and tackle the next challenge: try and make a whole long sleeves cardigan with only 4 balls of yarns.
That’s 400 m: Scary right ?!!!
(although to be honest I may order more of this yarn if needed. Will see how it holds too, seing as it’s meant to felt super easy and singles pure wool could mean super-easy pilling)

What do you think ? Like it ?

A crochet Award for my Loup

Yipee !!!
My Loup jacket WON 2015 Best Coat/Jacket in the Crochet Awards !! Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me :-)


Pattern is available on Etsy, Ravelry or Craftsy.

LoupAnisbee Loup hooded cardigan
AnisBee and I both released a pattern named “Loup” around the same day. Except hers is a cute wolf softie, “Compère Loup”.
Fell in love with it the moment I saw it !! After a quick Loup-Loup swap, I got started on it, thinking I’d use the remnants of my own Loup for a full “total look”.
Pieds3 BasCorps
First it got feet. Oh so cute little footlets… Up and up to the shirt, which needed several tries to achieve a similar-enough look of spike sts over single crochet (instead of dc in my hooded jacket)..

LoupBras Loup, original crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey
Now it also has arms. And our garments match !! Can’t wait to make his head.
Oh and maybe a pointy hood for him too… if I have enough yarn left ?

Pattern: “Compère Loup” softie by Anisbee (in french only so far)
Yarn: Lett Lopi by IStex
Hook: 3.75 mm Susan Bates with wooden handle

A granny cowl/capelet for Anne

Granny cowl/capelet by Sylvie Damey
My friend Anne asked me a couple weeks ago if I could make a special Birthday for her best friend. She came in my studio, looked through all the accessories I made in the past… and asked if I’d make a cowl/capelet such as this one: apparently her friend is always cold!
Sure ! Then we started looking for yarns… and settled for dark grey as the main color, with an accent of light green to make it pop.
The grey yarn was spun and plied super fine coned yarn. Once washed, those 6 strands make a good aran weight yarn. I also had a cone of super soft green yarn with a hairy halo, which added to some Plassard “week-end” yarn makes a very pretty contrast to the more rustic feel of the main yarn.
Just as for my first cowl, I free-styled it. Starting with enough Granny squares to go around a head, then went down with increases every 3rd round. And instead of my initially planned picot edging, I had to revert to Crab stitch edgings, which worked much better with the color contrast.
Now I hope the recipient will like it !!! What do you think ? ( & does it deserve a pattern ?)

Loup, original crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey
I ended up calling this new design LOUP (= wolf in french) … because I certainly don’t feel like a Little Red Riding Hood !! ;-)

A super warm and cozy winter jacket, with a large hood (as was requested by some customers) and longer back to keep my back toasty…

Loup, original crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey Loup, original crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey

It’s made with aran weight “Lett Lopi” icelandic yarn by Istex. A bit rustic for those who have sensitive skin, but I love the slight halo those longer fibers make !!!

A large hood made to be worn, a bit of color to warm up winter… and spike sts to transition between colors !

Loup, original crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey

Sizes : XS to XL. Sample shown crocheted in size S even though I’m rather in between size S and size M. But it like it super fitted !

Pattern available on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy.

Price: $6

And so you can see it worked in other color schemes, here are the beautiful ones made by my AWESOME testers:
LoupDisou LoupDisou2

In my designs I like to use one of the coolest features of crochet: the ability to work stitches of different heights in the same row, to add shaping for instance..

But sometimes it’s not so easy to remember which is which.
I once read this super easy tip to memorize it (US crochet terms):

easy visual tip for dc, tr and quadruple crochet

To make a DOUBLE crochet (dc), you have TWO loops on hook = 1 yarn over (yo) + working loop from previous st

To make a TREBLE crochet (tr), you have THREE loops on hook = 2 yarn overs (2 yo) + working loop from previous st

To make a QUADRUPLE crochet, you have FOUR loops on hook = 3 yarn overs (3 yo) + working loop from previous st
treble crochet

As a reminder, here’s a quick visual tutorial on how to make a TREBLE crochet: you may pause at any time by clicking on a picture

  • 1 - Start with a double yarn over (wrap yarn twice around hook). You have a total of 3 loops on hook.
  • 2 - insert hook in next st,
  • 3 - yarn over and pull through 1 loop ( 4 loops on hook)
  • 4 - yarn over
  • 5 - Pull through 2 loops ( 3 loops remain on hook)
  • 6 - yarn over and pull through 2 loops
  • 7 - 2 loops now remain on hook
  • 8 - Yarn over and pull through both remaining loops.
  • 9 - Treble crochet is finished. Repeat from step 1 to make another Treble.

1 – Start with a double yarn over (wrap yarn twice around hook). You have a total of 3 loops on hook.
2 – insert hook in next st,
3 – yarn over and pull through 1 loop ( 4 loops on hook)
4 – yarn over
5 – Pull through 2 loops ( 3 loops remain on hook)
6 – yarn over and pull through 2 loops
7 – 2 loops now remain on hook
8 – Yarn over and pull through both remaining loops.
9 – Treble crochet is finished. Repeat from step 1 to make another Treble.

To make a QUADRUPLE crochet, it’s basically the same, except you start with a triple yarn over (wrap yarn around hook 3 times), and repeat steps 4-5 once more (number of remaining sts being different obviously).

Hoping this will help :-)

  • My newest design, with a custom made business-card holder.. :-)
  • Explaining how to add drape to crochet
  • Our cozy knitting / crafting corner...
  • Teaching Michelle from our knitting group how to spin on a drop spindle..
  • Another spindle spinning workshop
  • I always use the "park and draft" method to teach people to spin so they can concentrate on each step separately
  • Drafting fiber..
  • Practising their newly aquired skills
  • And after 20/30 mn, here's their first ever handspun yarn !
  • My friend Heike teaching "circular knitting" workshops
  • My newest design, hooded jacket with long hood and tassel.. :-)
  • My friend Heike explaining how we can spin yarn on a wheel
  • We were interviewed for the local paper !!

Last week, I had a fabulous opportunity to show my work at a large craft fair here in Grenoble, “Creativa”. We were invited with our Grenoble knitting group to organise free workshops, catter a knitting corner.. and display/advertise for our crafty businesses.

I went there for 2 days, and it was a fabulous opportunity to meet so many passionate crafters and crocheters ! Always amazing to meet in person people who’ll come up and say “I read your blog” or “I love your designs !”…

It’s also very interesting to hear what they have to say about some designs, or to hear about the other blogs they read (Oh my, I never-ever thought I’d meet another frenchie reading OmaKoppa !!)

ANd of course, I enjoyed immensely sharing my passion for crochet and spindle spinning during both the organised and impromptu workshops.

Hoping we can go again next year !!

Oh and yes, you can see my newest hooded jacket is now finished !! It gathered a lot of interest.. hoping to publish the pattern next week.

Now she has her own sewing machine…

My older daughter will turn 11 this summer, but she’s turning into a craft addict. Or rather, a sewing addict.
Lately she’s been asking more and more to use my sewing machine… leaving tons of bits and pieces in my office (hand-drawn “patterns”, remainings of fleece and fabrics…) to make clothes for her dolls or her sister’s dolls, sew a bag for her music books.. and then make another bag as a Xmas present for her grandmother.

I felt it might be a good idea to let her have her “own” sewing machine in her bedroom as I have 4 of them, mostly vintage numbers. (I did insist that I’m not giving it to her though, just a long-term loan)
I figured this way she’ll also learn to clean it and take care of it… and the mess in my office will only be mine.
Rabbit plushie
This seemed esp a good idea after she finished this rabbit plush for her friend’s birthday last week. As usual, she did everything by herself and despite my initial fears I quickly saw she did an awesome job !! Not perfect for someone looking for details, but perfect for a 10 year-old in my book !
Rabbit plushie
I only gave her a couple pieces of advice for the shaping of the ears and the fluffy tail.. because oh yeah she did use a pattern but it was for a bear !! She has NO fear :-)
Zigzag Elna sewing machine
Then yesterday I had time to look up the vintage “Elna zigzag” gem found in our local recycling center for a dozen Euros. Couldn’t figure out the tension first time I used it, but somehow this time it worked perfectly. Using Ikea sewing thread might help as I had already noted thicker thread worked better.

It’s such a beautiful machine, sewing ever soooo smoothly. I told her over and over again how she needs to take good care of it and I think she’ll do her best. I found the manual here (in french) so our next lesson will focus on where to oil it, and how to remove the lint and generally take good care of it. I know we’ll have fun.
And I love the way she fitted their small desk in her cupboard to make a true sewing corner. Looking already so professional ! (and reassuring to think my sewing machine won’t be exposed to too much dust..)
Zigzag Elna sewing machine
Meanwhile she’s already “taking orders” from her sister for doll’s clothes. Apparently some of her friends are also trying and place orders for headbands and whatnots. I can’t wait to see what comes out of it in a few years…

Oh and did you have a close look at the Elna ? It works with a knee bar, just like my other vintage Elna, a Supermartic inherited from my grand-mother. The knee bar takes a few minutes to get used to, but really it’s no big deal. The way you have to thread the machine through the back is always more of a suprise to me. And the machine sews so smoothly that it’s worth it.

Lett lopi crocheted hooded jacket by Sylvie Damey
Good progress to be reported since last week. I closed the hood, crocheted along its edge to start on shoulders, separated sleeves…
and continued down towards the waist. For the hip increases, I chose to gather them along each side and in the back. To beautify our perfectly flat stomachs ;-)

Will soon run out of the light grey (except for provisional amount set aside for sleeves) but that’s ok because I will then change back to COLORS ! Mirrored stacks of color blocks matching the hood. Aren’t you getting impatient to see it finished ? I am !! - patterns design - © Sylvie Damey

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