Translation of French Knitting & Crochet Patterns

last updated March 2018: yes I still do translations ;-)
** Je traduis aussi les patrons de tricot, crochet et couture anglais en franais !**

Trying to knit using french patterns ? I hope you’ll find my article, “Knitting from the french”useful.

Derspite my tendency to use mostly english/american patterns, french IS my native language… and I was taught to knit in french.
I’m a professional translator, specialising in textile crafts. I work for large companies (Among my customers are french book editor “Editions de Saxe“, french yarn company “Bergre de France“, french book editor “Editions Eyrolles”, Canadian Yarn company “KnitCa”…) and independent designers.

Three books I have translated into french for various french book editors :
75 motifs floraux au crochet, livre traduit par Sylvie DameyMa petite robe noire Livre de couture traduit par Sylvie Damey Maitriser sa machine  coudre, de Nicole Vasbinder traduction Sylvie Damey
That’s the “Little black dress” by Simon Henry, Betty Barnden’s “75 floral blocks to crochet” and “Sewing Machine Secrets: The Insider’s Guide to Mastering your Machine” by Nicole Vasbinder.

INDIE DESIGNERS wishing to reach a wider audience, I can translate your patterns either from english to french, OR from french to english, with optional tech-editing. Contact me for details !

Examples of patterns I have translated for indie designers:


* If you purchased a pattern from a company/book/designer and would like a translation of this pattern, you’ll need the written CONSENT of designer/publisher first (Jared Flood, Ysolda, Veera Valimaki & Kate Davis… have already given me their ok to translate their patterns for private use).

* Then you can send me a scan (or good digital picture) of the pattern (along with copy of consent from designer/publisher) and I will send you a free quote for the translation.

* I usually charge between $15 and $50 per pattern, depending on its length and complexity. (Average patterns would be around $28). Yet some patterns are extra short and I’ll quote only $12, and others are super long and/or complex (esp. with indie designer patterns), and I’ll quote up to $70+ to translate them: Send me the pattern you want translated for a free quote.

* I often translate patterns directly into the size you plan to make. That saves both time and typos. Otherwise, add $2-$8 to the quoted price for all sizes.

* I can only accept Paypal or cheques in Euros. Contact me for more information or a quote.

What customers said :

  • Sylvie, thank you for such great and prompt service.  I am putting you in my address book for French translation.” Carol S-W
  • Hi Sylvie, Thanks very much.” Kate R.
  • “Fantastic Sylvie – will give  a quick read”. Gretchen A. C
  • “Hi Sylvie, Merci beaucoup (my school girl French). Sincres amities (curtesy of Google translate!)” Tina T.
  • “Merci beaucoup  pour votre aide. A bientt :)”  Nawel E. K.
  • “Merci beaucoup et au plaisir de faire appel vos talents de traductrice pour un prochain ouvrage.” Christine B.
  • “Thank you Sylvie, that’s fantastic!” Yasmin H.
  • “Of my goodness, you work quickly!  I appreciate this so much!   It seems I often fall in love with French patterns. With the help of your website and and Ravery, I could work through some but I have only been knitting for a year and am not secure enough so I am very thankful to you!” Kim R.
  • “Merci Sylvie!!!  :-)  Anny F”
  • “That’s great, thanks so much Sylvie!  I will let you know when the shop is up and running so that you can see your work on the site! With the best regards, Yasmin F.”
  • ” Thank you so much. Anita E. B.”
  • “Bonsoir, Ce fut rapide. Merci beaucoup, je vais pouvoir m’y mettre ds ce weekend. Cordialement. Sarah L. “
  • “Thank you, got the copy today. Please can you tell me if the pattern is in double knitting or arran or chunky? Fiona H.”x
  • “Bonsoir, Merci beaucoup et trs bonnes vacances   Cordialement  sandrina V.”
  •  “Thanks, Sylvie. I’m just hoping for some cool weather now so I can really get going!” Helen A.
  •  “Bonjour Sylvie, Un grand merci pour votre rapidit et pour toutes vos explications personnelles que vous avez bien voulu ajouter et qui me permettront de faire ma veste…(..)Mille mercis pour tout! Cordialement.” Christiane B.
  •  “Thanks Sylvie, Just had had a chance to look at my emails today. ( my six grandchildren are visiting). Received the pattern and looking forward to starting it sometime in the near future.” Gloria C.
  •  “Thank you, I received it:)” Anna K. R.
  • “merci beaucoup, c’est parfait, je vais m’y mettre!” JPS
  • “Ahhh! Merci beaucoup. En fait non, je n’avais rien reu du tout. Me voil rassure et contente (je viens de jeter un coup d’oeil). (…) Merci encore.” Christine B.
  • “Hi Sylvie, Thank you very much. Now I will go buy Yarn! ” Beth W.
  • “Thank-you sooooo much..I’ve managed to knit a baby cardigan whilst waiting :) so will be able to finish the dress now :) Many thanks again Cheryl xx” Cheryl M.
  • ‘” Thank you so much for you wonderful service. It was a breeze working with you. I checked the pattern and everything looks wonderful.” S.A.M.
  • “Bonjour Sylvie, merci pour les traductions et je vous dit bientt pour la suite :-)” Batrice S.
  • “Hi Sylvie, thanks so much for that speedy translation. By good luck the knitting needles I bought online arrived this morning as well, so I’ll get started straight away! Many thanks. Gina T.
  • “Thank you, Sylvie.” Diane B.
  • “Hi Sylvie Thank you very much.” Fiona D.
  • “Merci beaucoup, Sylvie! I very much appreciate your hard work. The pattern looks great! I will be happy to recommend you to other Ravelers….” Angela W.
  • Bonsoir Sylvie, Je vous remercie de votre rapidit, il ne me reste plus qu ´ me mettre aux aiguilles. Merci et peut- tre une autre fois je retiens vos coordonns pour les copines.” Hlne L.
  • Many thanks for this! (…) I can’t tell you how grateful I am for doing this. I can feel an evening of knitting coming on.” Alison D.
  • “Got it! Thank you. I have read through it and it seems easy to understand. Have ordered yarn and will start as soon as it comes. Will let you know if I find anything confusing.” Nancy & Alyssa P.
  • “I’m so sorry! I just realized I never thanked you! How rude if me! Thank you so much for taking the time in this!!” Nicole F.
  • “Merci Boucoup Sylvie, C’est bon. Bonne vacances!” Verena H.
  • “Great, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Stefanie A.
  • “coucou, Merci je l’ai bien reue, c’est super ! bientt. bises.” Marlne P.
  • “Dear Sylvie, Thanks very much – I appreciate it. You offer a great service and I’m glad I found you. (..) I admire your language skills! Kathy S.”
  • “Oooohhhhhh!! Lightening fast service! Thank you so much! This week seems to be fun with the pattern. You already made my day. Thank you again and keep wonderful creations!!!!!!!!!!!! F.”
  • “bonsoir – merci beaucoup je vais pouvoir me mettre au travail. hlne W.”
  • “Hi Sylvie, That looks like a brilliant help. (..)Many thanks for your help. We do appreciate it. Best wishes, Becky D.”
  • Bien reu la traduction ! Merci encore Sylvie. Sarah B.”
  • “Great, thanks so much! Mindy”
  • Merci beaucoup !!! Marielle M.”
  • Bonsoir, MERCI pour votre conscience professionnelle. Il reste la laine trouver et le temps pour se mettre l’ouvrage. Encore MERCI. Cordialement. Annick P.”
  • Sylv, Many thanks for the pattern in English – it seems fine (and simple!) Janet”
  • merci beaucoup sylvie ! bientt pour d’autres ! bises Marlne”
  • Thank you Sylvie! So is the afghan name is called Lacy Plaid? Do you know where I can purchase the yarn online? I looked at La Droguerie but it doesn’t appear they do an online business. I know I can get a substitute but I love La Droguerie. Thank you for translating for me. Lucinda”
  • hello, merci pour votre diligence, je regarde tout et vous en envoie d’autres…. bonne journe Agns D.”
  • Thanks, that was fast! I’ll keep you in mind for future translations!” Liz C.
  • “bonjour, je vous remercie beaucoup pour la traduction. Je vais me mettre au travail. J’aurais encore une robe traduire donc je vous solliciterai encore . Mais pas tout de suite. je vous remercie encore. A bientt sylvie R.”
  • Hi Sylv, Thank you very much for the translation. This is s big help, but compared to the English patterns the French patterns as still quite sparse on there instructions. If I have any major problems I may come back for a little more clarification, but hopefully I will be okay. Thanks very much. Karen P.”
  • Thank you very much for doing it so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angela V.”
  • Thankyou so much, you have done a brilliant job. I will be back for more :o) Madeline”
  • Bonjour Sylvie, je rentre de vacances, merci pour la traduction. ds que je finis le perry, je vous re sollicite pour une autre traduction. Encore merci Farida”
  • Bonjour Sylvie et merci beaucoup pour la traduction. Je suis ravie. Belle fin de journe. Sylvie”
  • “Salut, C’est nickel et parfait pour moi! Merci pour la rapidit et le srieux de la traduction (..) E. H.”
  • “Sylvie, I received your translation of my French knitting pattern. Thank you so much, it’s perfect! I am so excited to start knitting! Renee”
  • Hi Sylvie, I don’t know if you remember me, but in January of 2011 you very kindly translated a Phildar pattern from French to English for me. I wanted you to know that your efforts were not in vain, and that I have worked on it. I take a VERY long time to knit anything, especially being new to the advanced (for me)cablework, and with SIX dogs, 3 grandchildren and working part time:) I do want you to know how happy I am that I am able to have this pattern because of you. I am attaching a pic, not that good, but you will see that I LOVE it. My best regards, Diana”
  • Hi Sylv, I just opened the translation and I am so happy with it. You will be my go to whenever I find a pattern in French. Thank you for your quick translation. Have a wonderful day, Theresa G.”
  • Many thanks!!!! I may try it soon! :) Barbara P.”
  • bonjour, merci pour votre srieux et rapidit. Je me permets de garder votre adresse au cas ou. J’ai deja commenc le 1er ange, c’est bcp plus facile pour moi en franais !!!
    je vous enverrai une photo ds que j’en aurai termin un exemplaire de chaque. bien cordialement Mme V. ”
  • Impeccable, merci beaucoup. A-Marie”
  • “Merci pour la traduction ! A une autre fois peut-etre. Manon”
  • “Merci beaucoup! Georganne”
  • “Bonjour, C’est parfait merci beaucoup. Envoy dans le temps que vous m’aviez dit en plus^^. Vraiment merci, je garde votre adresse au cas o, j’aurais surement d’autres projet traduire. Et si j’ai des questions par rapport ceux l, pendant la ralisation… Encore un grand merci. Bonne fin de semaine VALERIE A.”
  • “Bonjour, Bien reue, merci. Bonne journe, Laura”
  • “Thank you very much Sylvie. You were very fast! I shall look forward to using your translation. I have some silver grey wool silk for the purpose. XX Kind regards, Veronica”
  • “Merci pour tout et peut-tre une autre fois pour une traduction ! A-Marie”
  • “Sylv, what can I say other than:THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. merci, merci vous ! I purchased the yarn yesterday so this is perfect timing. Lovely lace pattern that will be easy to remember. Again, merci and Bon Tricot, Aine”
  • “Merci Sylvie tu as bien travaill et merci aussi pour les surlignages a m’aide vraiment bien. J’espre bien te solliciter encore…. qu’en dis tu ?(…) encore mille mercis. Marlne”
  • “thank you so much! I’ll spend the weekend knitting happily! Enjoy the fiber festival, Tammy”
  • “Comme c’est bon de lire votre message, Sylvie ! (…) Merci beaucoup, votre aide m’a t prcieuse. C’est chouette de trouver des gens comme vous sur la toile, sincrement ! Bon week-end et big hugs, Colette”
  • “Bonjour Sylvie, Merci beaucoup pour la traduction”
  • “Thank you so much! I am really excited to get to knit this scarf, it looked so pretty in the yarn store. That was one lovely yarn store as well. Thank you again Sylv, and I may be emailing again with questions! Have a good Wednesday! Sincerely, Stacy M”
  • “Thank you, Sylvie! Stephanie B”
  • “Thank you so much! I was on the right track, but yours [translation] makes so much more sense! (…) Looking forward to starting this! Cheers. Jolne”
  • “maintenant je sais qui m’adresser pour les traductions!.. (…) Cordialement, Josette”
  • “Et bien merci (…) Tu as bien travaill super ! merci encore et bientt. Marlne “
  • “Many thanks Sylvie. Life here has been hectic and knitting has been on the back burner. (…) Hopefully I will be able to knit again very soon. Again many thanks. Regards, Joyce”
  • “yay thanks darl!!(..) xxx L’amour M.”
  • “Hi Sylve, Thanks for the translation. It’s been happy knitting for my mom as well. Here’s one more if you if you can let me know your estimate. Best, Annie”
  • “Just have 20 min time to look at the translation . GREAT!!!!!! Aus far as I read up to now, it’s perfect! (..)I’ll tell you more tomorrow. but first THANK YOU. H.L.!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Hello Sylvie, I can not thank you enough! Thank you so very, very much. I am so excited. I have had Donegal Tweed for two years waiting to do this sweater. Your help is so greatly appreciated. I hope I am up to the task! :) Diana ”
  • “Thank you so much Sylvie, I appreciate how quickly you did this!!!”
  • “Hi Sylvie,Thank you for the translation! Looks great! And thank you also for the notes on the yoke. Best, Brooke”
  • ” Merci pour votre rapidit. A bientot peut etre. Danile”
  • “Thank you so much for your fast service. I am so excited! It’s still morning here, and I am leaving for the shop and need to work a little till lunch time. I will read and try your pattern as soon as possible”
  • “Bonsoir Sylvie, Un tout grand merci pour la vitesse laquelle vous avez termin la traduction! ”
  • “Hi Sylvie…this is great! thanks again!”
  • “Thank you so much! Until next time, E.”
  • “Hi Sylvie, Happy New Year. Thank you so much! I’m starting right away. I’ll let you know if I have any problems.”
  • “You’re a gem. Thank you for doing the translations so quickly.”
  • “Thank you sooo much! It was so quick too.”
  • “Wow, you are efficient, once you started it, you can finish it as fast as possible. :D ”
  • “Brilliant. Looks great. Many thanks.”
  • “Thank you very much Sylvie. I am very pleased with the translation!”
  • “Thanks so much for the quick response! The translation looks very clear, so I should be able to tackle it. I will feel very French as I knit it–and hopefully wear it someday. Thanks for the extra care in using American terminology”
  • “I have just printed these and will read them in the morning! Needless to say I am very happy to receive these!! Thank you again”
  • “Merci beaucoup! Thanks for your quick service! ”
  • “Thank you it’s perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Thank you so very much. You have been a blessing.”
  • “I just wanted to say thank you!! I really appreciate how fast you translated this pattern. I am really excited to knit it!”
  • “Thank you so much . this is perfect. I’m looking forward to working on it!”
  • “Thank you, Sylvie. I can’t wait to start knitting it!” - patterns design - © Sylvie Damey

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