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The other day we played paper dolls with Prune. Which reminded me of the ones I made back in november: I finally reworked them and you’ll find them There. I made them so you can move the legs, arm and heads by attaching them to the body either with a bit of scrap yarn (hell, I’m a knitter !) or with a carefully placed staple. Two versions to choose from: black and white for your kids to colour OR already coloured.
Enjoy ! And as usual, send me your pics !! :-P

Spring is nearly there and it’s snowing !

I started my first sock last week-end. I had this idea that I needed them toe up with a short row heel. Oh my ! This is what I got after my second try (first one was even more of a disaster !!) and I don’t like it at all !! Plus this little tiny thing for a whole evening of knitting ?!! Arghh !! So I’m thinking of starting again, this time top down (I still want the short row row heel), and on slightly larger dpns (3 mm this time). I won’t frog yet though, just in case …

I also made this lovely crochet square in a desperate attempt to keep on wearing my favorites jeans despite the worn out knees. We’ll see how it looks as a patch. The square was my first ever though, and it wasn’t half as hard as I feared with both instructions and chart.

I’ve also started a wee hoodie for my cousin’s newborn son. We’re seeing them on saturday so I’d better get it done quickly. :-P


  1. deedledumpling:

    I love the square. Where is the pattern. I haven’t attempted socks yet, but it is my next horizon. Deedle

  2. Anushka:

    Your crochet square is gorgeous (amazing colour). I haven’t tried toe-up socks yet – my first attempt (albeit in a difficult lace) was disastrous.

  3. Amy:

    I love the crochet square. What a great idea to use it to patch your jeans! Best, Amy

  4. tajhia:

    I really like the idea of the crochet patch to cover holes in jeans… nearly all of mine have a hole in the same knee (I obviously have one “sharp” knee – LOL)… I may have to steal that idea if you don’t mind to use on my jeans!

    Thankyou for the paper dolls – my kids will love them

  5. Lillian:

    Your hoodie need more time to finish because you mix with different colors. I hope you can finish it off before Sun. :)
    I like the crochet patch too, it’s neat!
    I am not very good at crocheting, but, I will definitely do more practice on that in the future. :)

  6. Bee:

    I love the yarn for your socks. I mainly knit socks from cuff down because it’s just a lot easier for me. I am in the midst of toe up socks but just haven’t been motivated. I love your blog…just cruised by it today. :)

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