Now she has her own sewing machine…

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My older daughter will turn 11 this summer, but she’s turning into a craft addict. Or rather, a sewing addict.
Lately she’s been asking more and more to use my sewing machine… leaving tons of bits and pieces in my office (hand-drawn “patterns”, remainings of fleece and fabrics…) to make clothes for her dolls or her sister’s dolls, sew a bag for her music books.. and then make another bag as a Xmas present for her grandmother.

I felt it might be a good idea to let her have her “own” sewing machine in her bedroom as I have 4 of them, mostly vintage numbers. (I did insist that I’m not giving it to her though, just a long-term loan)
I figured this way she’ll also learn to clean it and take care of it… and the mess in my office will only be mine.
Rabbit plushie
This seemed esp a good idea after she finished this rabbit plush for her friend’s birthday last week. As usual, she did everything by herself and despite my initial fears I quickly saw she did an awesome job !! Not perfect for someone looking for details, but perfect for a 10 year-old in my book !
Rabbit plushie
I only gave her a couple pieces of advice for the shaping of the ears and the fluffy tail.. because oh yeah she did use a pattern but it was for a bear !! She has NO fear :-)
Zigzag Elna sewing machine
Then yesterday I had time to look up the vintage “Elna zigzag” gem found in our local recycling center for a dozen Euros. Couldn’t figure out the tension first time I used it, but somehow this time it worked perfectly. Using Ikea sewing thread might help as I had already noted thicker thread worked better.

It’s such a beautiful machine, sewing ever soooo smoothly. I told her over and over again how she needs to take good care of it and I think she’ll do her best. I found the manual here (in french) so our next lesson will focus on where to oil it, and how to remove the lint and generally take good care of it. I know we’ll have fun.
And I love the way she fitted their small desk in her cupboard to make a true sewing corner. Looking already so professional ! (and reassuring to think my sewing machine won’t be exposed to too much dust..)
Zigzag Elna sewing machine
Meanwhile she’s already “taking orders” from her sister for doll’s clothes. Apparently some of her friends are also trying and place orders for headbands and whatnots. I can’t wait to see what comes out of it in a few years…

Oh and did you have a close look at the Elna ? It works with a knee bar, just like my other vintage Elna, a Supermartic inherited from my grand-mother. The knee bar takes a few minutes to get used to, but really it’s no big deal. The way you have to thread the machine through the back is always more of a suprise to me. And the machine sews so smoothly that it’s worth it.

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