Tutorial : Single crochet seam

Here’s a little tutorial on how to join pieces with a single-crochet seam. This is the technique I used for the sides and handles of the Isabeau bags. I also like to use it to assemble the different parts of a sweater: it makes a nice finish, and is SO easy to unravel if anything goes wrong…
However, I’m nothing like a crochet expert. Please let me know if there’s anything wrong !


1- Start with making a slipknot and place it on the crochet hook

2- Insert hook through both pieces of fabric

3- Wrap yarn around hook to make a loop

4- Pull this loop back through the fabric. You now have 2 loops on hook

5- Wrap yarn around hook a second time

6- Pull this new loop through both loops already on hook.
Bravo, you just made your first single crochet !

Now you just have to repeat the whole process : insert hook through both pieces of fabric etc … (steps 2 to 6)

To your second sc (single crochet)…

Etc ect …

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