Tutorial: Handmade Gift Pouch

After spending hours, days or weeks working on a special handcrafted project, it’s hard sometimes to decide on that special packaging that will make a handcrafted gift even more special… Here’s a tutorial for a little pouch such as the ones I send my Wee Booties in. I use some colored meshy tulle fabric with an interesting texture (plus it’s see-though so you can actually see what’s inside) but you could use just about any kind of fabric as long as it doesn’t fray, like felt for instance !

What you’ll need:

– enough of your main fabric + a tiny piece of contrasting fabric for label
– cardboard to cut template in
– pinking shears
– contrasting yarn, ideally mercerised cotton
– darning needle
– pen / pencil
– 2 rather large beads

NB: Feel free to email me with comments & suggestions (english is not my native language so feedback on that will be appreciated !)

———————————————————————- TUTORIAL ———————————————————————-
(click for larger pics !!)

1- cut a template in cardboard (I had some thick plastic orange sheet), about twice the size of your finished pouch. As an indication, my template is about an A4 format.

2- draw outline of template onto main fabric with pencil and cut rectangle shape with pinking shears

3- cut a little label in contrasting fabric …

4- fold fabric in 3 so that both shorter sides will overlap about 1 cm (1/2 inch)

5- hiding knot inside one corner, start sewing along one side of pouch

6- place label along one side, sew it along with main fabric

7- just as on the other side, hide final knot inside fabric, cut yarn. Sew second side the same way, minus the label.

8- place gift inside pouch, close with length of yarn

9- decorate yarn ends with a little thank you note, and large beads. French knots at both ends, cut yarn, and you’re done !

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