Price increase for Loup and Lŗ©ontine crochet patterns, and the reasons why

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Leontine, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey

I’ve been thinking about this for a long while now:

  • writing crochet patterns which are getting more and more detailed, with 12 pages of step-by-step instructions, tons of in-progress pictures and 3 pages¬†of tutorials
  • unanimous praise for “clear and easy to follow” instructions in my¬†patterns
  • and yet, it’s still¬†difficult to make ends meet seing the amount of time spent on : writing the instructions, crocheting and ripping the samples until they are perfect and fit just right, editing the instructions and layout, taking photos and editing them, and finally getting the pattern tested (thanks to my amazing testers) to tweak and edit again the instructions until no typo or mistake remains and everything is crystal clear… ¬†In the end, Loup and Lŗ©ontine took me about a full month each to crochet and write down. A full month !
  • however, this is my JOB and I need to pay the rent at the end of the month…

Leontine, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey

So I finally took a decision. Instead of being frustrated, I’ll be raising the price of my¬†2 most detailed patterns,
LOUP and LEONTINE on May 1st.  (all the other prices will remain unchanged)

Of course I’m telling you ahead… so you still have a little time ahead. If you’ve been eyeing those patterns, Hop ! Now is the time to grab them at the “old” price of $6. (valid until April 31th 2016)

Grab your copy now on Etsy or Ravelry !

Fini6lighter New1 Fini10Rpompon

Buy the LOUP pattern  (was $6 РNow $8)

Leontine, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey Leontine, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey

Buy the LEONTINE pattern (was $6 – Now $8)

Yes, I’d love to hear about Sylvie Damey’s next articles & patterns !


  1. Mari Craig:

    Hello Sylvie! I have been working on your Dancing Poppies cardigan and I’m already wearing it every day, although I still need to add the ties! :D I loved the process and I love the end product! I think you’re doing well to increase the prices, but thank you lots for giving us the chance to grab the patterns for the old price. I’d like to purchase the Loup: which website gives you the best return, Etsy or Ravelry? I have an idea about Etsy taxes, but don’t know anything about Ravelry’s, and I’d like to use the website through which you get the most of the price. Thank you! <3 xxo

  2. Sylvie Damey:

    Hey, thanks so much for that ! Love to hear you like the dancing poppies cardi too ! As for Ravelry vs Etsy, really it’s kind of the same for me. They probably cost nearly the same in the end, so please feel free to use whichever you’re already comfortable with. Thanks for the thought though !! :-)

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