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Trying to take photos of my workspace, and laurent makes fun of me. Of course I’d love it to be tidy and organised. But let’s face it. I am all but tidy and organised. …Call it creative ! ;-)
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Our current place is much roomier than the previous one, but I still don’t have a craft room. Nor even an actual defined place for crafting. So the window by the couch became mine, skein by skein. Of course it usually looks a bit more disheveled usually, with yarn all over the place. Ahem…

What those pictures will tell you if you look well (click for larger view):
– I store my WIPs in bags. And I have many. Several sweaters currently are waiting for me to pick them up and finish them.
– I am working on yet another project. Slippers, based on a granny triangle. I tried this design earlier with another yarn and construction, and suddently the other night I had an idea and had to try it right away. So far it works fine (emerald and brown prototype) but I’m trying to make it even better with red and green sample.
– The blue little car is a project started ages ago. Do you like it ? I really should publish the pattern someday..
– I love my metal Susan Boyle hooks. I have lots of other hooks, bamboo, carved wood, vintage ivory and all sorts of modern brands… but my Susan Boyle are the only ones I use. Perfect shape, and sooo quick. My cousin had to buy a set once I made her try mines. :-P
– and yes, I hide yarn in plastic bags behind the sofa. Don’t fear though, this is only the very top of the iceberg. The rest is hidden in plastic crates in my bedroom.

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  1. EL:

    I would love to have a windowseat like that to curl up on and crochet… just line it with a cushion… ;-)

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