Blankie finally finished, and mini fiber Giveaway

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Yay, finally the Granny square blankie I made for my friend is finished !!

I weaved in the last end yesterday night and now it’s ready to be gifted to her next time we meet.. I can’t wait to see how she likes it ! :-P From working on it I know it’s nice and warm so at least it will keep her cozy… (full pic of the blankie here)

Today I thought I’d have a nice time for myself during the girl’s nap. Ha. I ended up spending as much time in their room trying to get Maud to sleep.. But I still managed to hand-card those, thanks to the great tips from one of my Fiber swap partner:

This is a mix of white Romney and Falklands + Brown Icelandic, Blue Texel + Grey Gotlamb lamb locks.. and a touch of orange yearling mohair. Those are my top favorite and I can’t wait to spin them !! :-P (approx. 60 g total, for my records)

I also tried to insert some remainings of the sparkly pink yarn from the blankie into fiber. This is the result, mixed with white Falklands and Romney, along with some Orchid Cotswold locks. A tiny 20 g (is that 2/3 oz ?) of pink and white fluffiness.

Finally, I carded those leftovers from fiber prepared for a previous round of the Fiber Swap Club. Mostly superfine Merino and cormo (both hand-dyed in green), along with bamboo fiber (which I thought could be dyed the same way, Ha, live and learn!) and tiny bits of camel and yak. The result is rather pretty, probably not perfect as my carders are not made for such fibers… and there’s about 30 g of it (about 1 oz).

And now here’s the catch (GIVEAWAY !!). I’m keeping the first batch for myself but giving away those 2 last batches. I’ve realised lately I don’t particularly like superfine fibers so I won’t spin those greenies, and maybe the pinkies might just make a tiny little surprise for somebody, maybe a novice spinner..?
Just leave a comment saying which one you’d like (& maybe why/what you’d spin with it) and I’ll draw the winners. You’ve got until January 10th to enter !
ETA: and I think I’ll make this a Monthly Fiber Giveaway… Can’t guarantee a precise date, could be anytime. A little fiber each time.


  1. Hanna:

    Wow, that green fiber is amazing! Makes me think of a leprechaun :)

    p.s. I posted about your contest on WiKnit

  2. Oiyi:

    I like the green fiber!

    That is a fantastic blanket. I love the border.

  3. Liz419:

    Give Hanna an extra few points as WiKnit is how I found your contest! But now I’ll have to stay and peruse your back posts.
    I’m a beginning spinner so I’d love to practice on anything you’d like to share. I’m just trying to learn how different fibers spin differently.
    Happy holidays!!

  4. Gladys:

    I’m just learning how to spin, so I’d love either of those. (Though my son’s favourite colour is green and he’s actually pretty good at spinning the spindle for me, and would love the green more.)

    Thanks for the fun contest!

  5. Chrissy:

    I’m head over heels for the pink and white fiber. I’m a beginning spinner, so that lovely bit of fluff would make me so happy!

  6. tanya:

    i am still a newbie spinner (at least i feel like i am) smile. They are both beautiful and i would happily spin either one and knit something fun! ( i do have to admit that green is my favorite overall color though!)

  7. tanya:

    oh, your blanket is gorgeous! love the color combos! ( come and teach me crochet…please?? smile)

  8. Ballee:

    The green one is my favourite! It would be spun up like fingering weight yarn for a little babyhat, hmyum yum!
    My louet can’t wait!
    Have a happy and healthy 2009!
    groeten uit Rotterdam

  9. Bianca:

    The green batch is beautiful!

  10. angela:

    I love the blanket & the pink fiber. I’m thinking it would be beautiful spun thin and then made into a small pair of fingerless gloves or cuffs, crochet if there is enough yardage, but if not a lacy knit. It’s all quite lovely though.

  11. Darcy:

    Both are beautiful would love to receive either of them:)Hugs Darcy

  12. niney:

    I love the green color, I’ve never spun before, but my New Year’s resolution is to learn. This is my year, sheep beware!!

  13. Chelsea:

    Oooh, I love the green! I could so see myself making an awesome scarf, or a really cool beret out of it!
    aka crochetcollection on Ravelry

  14. victoria:

    i love the pinkies ive been spinning for two weeks and have been trying all kinds of fibers to see how they spin i love to try new fibers and i love the pinkie.

  15. Lizzie:

    My husband spins and is always looking for new fibers to work with. I’m sure he’d love either of those!

  16. moune:

    j’adore!!!! j’adore!!! tes petits carrés assemblés… tes mélanges de fibres…. j’a-dore!

  17. Timiae:

    I love both, but I think I’d like the green one more.

  18. Aster:

    I like number 2 because I adore shades of blue and green and would love, love, love to work with something as yummy as this.

    Thanks for a cool contest!

  19. erika~ inspired mama musings:

    i love the pink and white fiber :) i am a brand new to spinning and my sweet hubby bought me a gift cert. to take spinning lessons!! YAY!! this would be perfect!

  20. Julie:

    Lovely! I really like the pinky one – I’ve been wanting to learn to spin but I live in the middle of nowhere and the closest yarn shop is over 40 miles away. I’d see if I can get it to become yarn, and knit something lacy and girly for my daughter!

  21. Gretchen (brownbear on rav):

    Pretty! (I’m a sucker for pink.)

  22. samantha:

    I would love to try the one with orchid in it, well I would love to try any of them! I have never spun from a bat and this would be a great way to get hooked!

    Thanks for the chance :)

  23. MamaMay:

    I love hem both! either one would make me happy!

  24. Deneen:

    Total newbie spinner who has all the toys, but would love to try either fiber!

  25. Erin:

    Oh, I adore the pink fiber. I’ve never spun before but recently decided that I MUST learn.

  26. Cher:

    My resolution for 2009 is to learn to spin. I would love to try one of your beautiful fibers.

  27. Martha:

    I love the pink! I’m totally a newbie spinner.

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