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So I just took a couple pictures. Here’s the Violaine top in progress so far :

It’s a bit wrinkled from being crunched in my little bag. I’m overall very happy with the general looks which leads me to think I’ll probably get a really nice end result. However there are still many things I want to change: Increase less on the last increase row for the sleeves so they are less “pointy”, change the general layout of the bust increases so it looks nicer (and is easier to size up and down).. and also from looking at the pics I took I’m now thinking I’ll decrease slightly less before switching to the shells portion, which may also end up one round higher…
But I’m taking this as a nice beginning..! It’s easy to rip and redo anyways as it’s all done in the round. Yay for being able to try it on during the process ! And yes, this is a bit of an unusual design. I’m trying to find solutions to my design problems as I go, which is kind of fascinating and pretty much my favorite part in that designing process…

And here’s my final Kureyon Roselette with some Emerald Malabrigo for contrasting color. I’ve added the previous version just so you can see : I really wanted the Kureyon to pop without anything gettting in the way.. Now I just need to add some buttons and off it goes to Etsy !

And Now..Drumrolls please: CONTEST WINNERS !!

First place : Silver’s banjo bag, will get 2 free patterns of her choice, 1 skein of french yarn and a pair of french circular needles !

Second place: Maylin‘s Cactus mittenettes, in Colinette Prism (mardi gras). Winning 1 free pattern and a skein of french yarn.

Third place :
Lauren‘s Isabeau purse, winning 1 free pattern and a skein of french yarn. “I really love the bag and ended up knitting a little credit card holder to match.”

Fourth place: Ajour‘s Roselette top, made in Katia Jamaica cotton. Wins a free pattern.

Fifth place : Elena‘s cute Isabeau purse, wins a free pattern of her choice. “I recently just started knitting and my first ever knitting project was the Isabeau Purse!! It’s not great – as you can see but I really like it!! It took me 6 days to make this.”

Sixth place : Shelly’s pretty Isabeau purses win a free pattern of her choice. She said “I can’t remember a time when BOTH of my daughters were fighting over something I made. Thank you for designing such a wonderful purse!!!”

Seventh place : Tanya’s red Isabeau purse wins a free pattern:

Eighth place : Kathy‘s cute Isabeau purse wins a free pattern. She says: “Here is my version of your Isabeau purse. I loved it. I decided to use mine to carry around a dishcloth kit. It perfectly holds a skein of cotton, a pair of small scissors, a crochet hook for tucking in ends, a pair of circular needles (my preference) the pattern page and room for the cloth as it knits up. Hence… Dishcloth on the go bag. I may make these as gifts to hand out as prizes when I have my blog contests. Thanks for sharing the pattern.”

9th place :
Stitchpath‘s Isabeau purse wins a free pattern

and slightly special prize goes to Sara‘s supersized Lacanau’s. As they were already published in the Gallery I could’nt possibly award them one of the top prizes and yet they’re too nice to be left out.. thanks again Sara for sharing those !!

..Phew ! That was a long post (and Maud’s now awake so it was the perfect timing !)
Thanks to all for sending your photos !! I’ll be adding the details and blog urls asap, and post all the pics in the Gallery.
I will also contact all the winners but you can already either send me your adress details when needed, and choice for your free pattern(s) !


  1. Emily:

    The Violaine looks AbFab!

  2. tanya:

    The top you are working on looks wonderful! I love the baby outfits, sadly if i could just crochet!
    Thank you! I am surely going to have to pick up a few patterns from you, now just to decide on one from your contest, thank you so much by the way, very generous of you! I have so far narrowed it down to 3…let me go look.

    Congrats to the winners! I love the varieties!

  3. Ren:

    ooooh, i’m so excited about third place and finally making it up in your gallery! : )

  4. Sara:

    Your Violaine progress shot looks an awful lot like some of the new tops I’ve been seeing in “high fashion” shops lately…. you could call it quits now and be a Fashion Diva! ;)

    I’m sure the properly finished garment will look absolutely lovely. :)

  5. knitting ajour:

    Joepie! Congrats for everyone, and I emailed you!

  6. The uexpected prize and the unexpected iPod cosie – Elena Ho:

    […] won something for my first ever knitting project. Most unbelievable and really unexpected. I submitted […]

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